Aku, dia dan reben pink

Kalau kamu mengetahui
Pasti kamu akan tahu
Rasa yang terasa
Lahir dari dasar hati yang paling dalam sekali
Sehingga akhirnya aku dan dia saling pandang memandang

I am in the mood of reading now, my subscription of weekly Time magazine arrived home smoothly without any delay. This week headlines is about breast cancer. It is very shocking fact that this spreading illness become worst from time to time. There are several causes of this problem begin with fatty foods, lack of exercise and obesity which lead to the increasing numbers of breast cancer cases. While, the risk factors for a disease may cross border freely, the cultural understanding it takes to treat it does not. Women from some nation may live in a world of pink ribbons and LIVESTRONG bracelets, but in other part of the world, breast cancer is still a shameful secret.

Please consider these facts:
  • Every three minutes an Egyptian women is informed that she has the illness, and one and the most fears is that her husband will leave her soon.
  • In India, women with breast cancer may be forced to use separate plates and spoons because of the widespread belief that the disease is contagious .
  • ETC

Secrecy leads not only to misery but also to misinformation. Thus, increasing the number of cases which are not reported and small the opportunity to get earlier treatment. I am not going to detailed this issues further. You may get a copy of Time by your own. Perhaps, this little message can remind everybody the important of prevention because there is no heal for breast cancer.

What is World's of Pink Ribbons Program?
The pink ribbon means something different for everyone. For one it might be a memory of one lost to breast cancer. For another it might be a symbol of what the future could bring. For yet another, it could mean survival. No matter what it represents to each individual, it brings hope to the thousands of people who are affected by breast cancer every year.